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The Adventures
of The Jewish Submarine
under the Command
of Captain Chaim Piast



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  1. Top Secret Messages 
  2. Reports 
  3. Elwir - opera fantastyczna
  4. Sounds 
  5. Historical speeches 
  6. Our roots
  7. Treasury Island
  8. Found and lost
  9. Marzec68
  10. Shoah
  11. Ideography of public discourse on Jedwabne
  12. The Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto / Powstanie w Getcie warszawskim 
  13. Iskor
  14. Chaim Piast´s Screen Savers
  15. Jewish Ballads of March 1968 (in polish)
  16. In memoriam of Ilan Ramon

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Public-Award in the 3.Internet-Competition Pegasus´98
of DIE ZEIT, IBM, ARD online and Radio Bremen

Publikumspreis des 3.Internet-Wettbewerbs Pegasus´98
von DIE ZEIT, IBM, ARD online und Radio Bremen

Nagroda Publicznosci w 3.Internetowym-Konkursie Pegasus´98
organizowanym przez DIE ZEIT, IBM, ARD online i Radio Bremen


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Die Zeit

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Award ceremony

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